Doug Smith – Doug Smith is the site owner and general overlord of Wilder’s Book Review. To contact me about reviews, interviews or anything remotely genre related, either email me – doug_smith(at)outlook(dot)com – or find me on Twitter @the_idlewilder.

Alex Shepherd – Alex can be found in the rolling hills of Oxfordshire, splitting his time unevenly between fighting crime and raising two little boys (which is surprisingly similar). When he does find a spare moment he crams it full of fantasy or basketball, and due to rapidly ageing knees it’s mostly fantasy these days. He’s trying to learn the writing craft through sheer bloody mindedness and dreams of the day he has to do nothing else. If you’re so inclined you can watch him stalk writers on Twitter – @shep5377

Lisa Taylor – Lisa spends her days programming in Java, living the exciting life of a cubicle ridden software engineer. When not at work, she enjoys her time with her husband and two boys. She spends the rest of her free time playing soccer and of course reading, reading, reading. She is ‘new’ to the fantasy genre, having read her first fantasy book in 2010. After reading more and more fantasy, she is now hooked and can often be found around the internet searching for her next book and adding titles to her ever increasing TBR list. You can find her on Twitter @Arry_NC.

Craig Leyenaar – Craig Leyenaar is completing an MA (Writing) at Warwick University and then will be prostrating himself before the publishing world in hopes of being granted access. His television was taken away at a young age for no good reason, but was soon replaced with books. He has stuck with them ever since and now after twenty years of reading them he finally feels ready to comment. His tastes include everything from China Mieville and M John Harrison to Isaac Asimov and Peter F. Hamilton to David Gemmell and Terry Pratchett to – he better stop there otherwise there won’t be room for anything else. You can find him on Twitter @_lionwalker.

Christian Albresch – When Christian Abresch was fifteen, he stayed home to write a fantasy book instead of going with his parents and brother on vacation. More fantasy novels, poems and short stories followed in the years to come and since each was less crappy than the one before he hopes to get published someday. Christian lives with his girlfriend and an imaginary cat in Berlin. Follow him on twitter: @xiaiswriting

Lor Graham – Lor is a fidget. a proper fidget, so she split her time between reading, writing, knitting, baking, playing tuba in a brass band and feeding her twitter addiction. Most of her time is spent with pen in hand, however. She knows more than is likely healthy about Pirates, is a Japanese graduate currently learning Italian and talks entirely too much. She is also entirely Scottish. Her first published short story, Islands to Auld Reekie, was published the Pandemonium Press collection 1853. Follow he on Twitter @LorGraham

Jo Hall – Jo, the cake-obsessed chair of Bristolcon, is a reviewer, blogger and fantasy author whose fourth novel, “The Art Of Forgetting” is due out this summer from Kristell Ink. Her blog-ramblings can be found at, and you can track her down on Twitter too (@hierath77). She often frequents pubs and coffee shops, and she is very amenable to bribery.

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